_BLUEBOTTLES_ holiday exp.

_BLUEBOTTLES_ holiday exp.
Holiday tour
Duration: 7 days / 6 nights. You can extend your weekend experience adding extra days to the standard package of 6 nights.
535 km overall - Difference in altitude: 6794 mt
4499 € "all inclusive pack" for cyclist
3499 € "all inclusive pack" for non cycling guest
2899 € " free pack" for cyclist
1899 € " free pack" for non cycling guest
_ 350 € overcharge for single room
07/01/2018 to 07/07/2018
08/05/2018 to 08/11/2018
09/02/2018 to 09/08/2018






For greater safety of the Group, max 10 people per vacation package are allowed.




For groups of minimum 4 persons (2 + 2 family cyclists too) we can arrange custom packages will satisfy your every craving. Choose the tours that you like, the leisure activites and art locations that you would like to visit. Contact us today and we will realize a memorable holiday experience. info@ruotaaruota.it





transfer to the airport on arrival and departure, bed and breakfast, lunch and dinner, membership to the sports society for additional insurance cover, daily tour with bike Focus cayo Ultegra including guide, leisure activities with accompanist, "packaged clothing" (3 different uniforms, windproof jacket and accessories) that will be your at the end of the holiday as a reminder gadget. 

 doesn’t include:






transfer to the airport on arrival and departure, bed and breakfast, lunch, membership to the sports society for additional insurance cover, daily tour with bike Focus cayo Ultegra including guide, "technical" clothing package (3 different uniforms, windproof jacket and accessories) that you will take away with you at the end of the holiday as a reminder gadget.

doesn't include:

airfare, dinner, guided leisure activities.



DAY 1 
tour: any classic tour
leisure activity: not available

 Upon arrival at the airport waiting for our hostess and our private car. In about thirty minutes you will arrive in Lucca, directly to the hotel which we have selected for your holiday. After the check-in your room will be assigned, left the luggage and start for the trip, you will pick up to meet Ruota a ruota, where you will be handed the "clothing" and attributed the bicycle to be used throughout the week. If you will, it's expected a quick tour "classic" just feel confident with the bike and make sure your setting on the same is correct.  In the evening  we will go in the historical center of Lucca where we will taste a welcome drink so that we start to know one each other in order to better mix with the group. After, we will have dinner at one of the best restaurants in town. 


tour: Passo Trebbio - Valgiano ( km 99.6 )
leisure activity: guided tour in Lucca 

In the morning, after breakfast and be prepared, you will find in the hotel the car that will take you to our headquarters. From here, all week, will depart daily tours will help you discover our region. Today we will take the direction of Bagni di Lucca, where we will meet the first real roughness  of the day. Along the way, in Borgo a Mozzano, we can admire the impressive Devil's bridge, a must obviously take some pictures while on the way back we will ride on the beautiful hills surrounding Lucca. The tour is finished, obviously some stops and provide a ritual brunch before returning to the base, definitely we will stop in a local landmark for a delicious and filling tasting of typical products of our region. After lunch you will then be taken back to the hotel.  The afternoon after we relax properly, will be coming back again in the historical center of Lucca to show you the wonders that our city can boast. A rep will stay in your company specifically guiding you towards the works of major artistic and cultural interest. The day will end with dinner at the table; you will enjoy a typical Tuscan cuisine and lucchese in particular. 


tour: Monte Pitoro - S. Anna di Stazzema ( km 100 )
leisure activity: shopping in Forte dei Marmi 

The daily organization of the departure of tours will be pretty much the same for each day of the holiday. When ready, then you will be get to Ruota a ruota and from there we set off together for the ride today. Today's going to be really exciting; We will indeed in s. Anna di Stazzema, Versilia Hills location note unfortunately for the tragic massacre took place during World War II. The atmosphere that we will perceive will be emotionally touching. The climb to get it really nice but also challenging; at the top we find refreshments where we can fortunately relax. At the end of the tour, before returning to the hotel always provide a ritual brunch and finally stop for a quick but tasty meal. In the afternoon we return in versilia, but this time on the coast. We will go to Forte dei Marmi, one of the city's recreation area, but not only, the most exclusive of Italy. During the visit, if you wish, you can give you shopping, since here you will find the boutiques of the best Italian fashion brands and if you want even a consultation, our personal shopper will suggest you as to the best. Dinner will be in one of the best restaurants in Forte dei Marmi, where we will enjoy the best fish dishes.


tour: Pescaglia - Matanna - Fiano ( km 84.2 )
leisure activity: Grotta Giusti Spa 

The tour scheduled for today is going to be really fascinating and challenging, more for the difference that for total mileage. We will face in fact five climbs and we'll go over the 1000 meters above sea level, reaching the Summit of Monte Matanna. Needless to tell you about the wonderful scenery that it presents itself to our eyes; When we get to the top you will be able to regenerate and regain some strength with a good snack to rifugio Matanna, since to return to the base we have to overcome two short climbs that will but feel in our legs. The afternoon will be day of physical recovery and most of it;  We will move  to Grotta Giusti SPA where we will spend the rest of the day. Here you can enjoy a pleasant relaxing massage while we use all the services offered by the SPA. Grotta Giusti is Europe's largest thermal Grotto whose cavities extend up to 200 meters deep underground. The Resort has obviously also has an excellent restaurant, which is why the evening we will stop to taste his delicious cuisine.  


tour: classic tour
leisure activity: guided visit to Cinque Terre

For today we have planned a shorter ride that falls into the category of "classic tours ' and that for two different reasons. First the day following a relaxing massage you should never exaggerate or length or intensity because our legs are still empty and exhausted and have to come gradually. The second reason is that today we'll visit another of the countless Italian beads, this even included in 1997 other points protected by Unesco as a world heritage site. We're talking about Cinque Terre, gorgeous strip of land along the Ligurian coast, full of charm, atmosphere and color. Upon returning from the bike ride and then, after a quick lunch, with a private transfer we move to this wonderful rugged coastline, where we can visit his five villages, swimming in a sea of clear water and end our day by dining at a great restaurant, possibly on a terrace directly overlooking the sea. 


tour: Prunetta - Vellano - Pescia ( km 101 )
leisure activity: cooking lesson 

Today we rested, cyclists speaking, with a short tour. Today we return to get serious; the tour will get us on the hills of Pistoia in Prunetta, just under 1000 meters above the sea level, between the valleys of the Lima torrent that flows into the Ligurian Sea and the Rhine river that flows into the Adriatic Sea. The return to Lucca will be full of sadness; for some of you,  these are the last 50 km asphalt paths. In the afternoon we have planned a very special leisure activity that will allow you to bring home a memory of our beloved Italy. Indeed we will go at the International Academy of Italian Cuisine, where chef Pardini will teach you and will prepare with your hands a tasty dinner of typical Tuscan dishes and then taste them all together. These recipes will be valuable to you when, in the future, you will invite some friends to eat and want to surprise them by having him taste the best cuisine in the world, like the Italian one. 


tour: any classic tour
leisure activity: not available

Saddest day ever because of  departure. We will have lived a such incredible week that you won't be more than just customers but we become true friends with whom we have shared experiences, not only cycling and with whom we will definitely keep in touch with you. Our hope is that you stayed so well during your holiday experience that you just want to come back and visit us soon. For the lucky ones who have the flight in the late afternoon, we provide this morning a final "classic tour" then shorter. For those who must unfortunately leave us now, our private car will be ready to drop you off  to the airport. Do we really believe that our last farewell won't be a goodbye, but a simple goodbye! Come back soon friends!  



The program of daily tours, leisure activities and visits to the art cities may change at any time, even during the Holiday Experience. The discretion of any such decision will be only ours and will have as aim to protect your safety and security at every moment of your journeys.



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