Bike in Hotel

Bike in Hotel

Did you parked your car at the hotel, perhaps after a long travel to Lucca, and you no longer wish to pick it up at the time of your departure?  Ruota a Ruota has the right solution for you! Efficient service delivery bike directly in hotel is exactly what you will get on it and go directly from your hotel to visit our city, or to venture into one of our amazing tours. For a small fee per bicycle rental, this will avoid, all kinds of stress as looking for parking, remember parking payment expiring and , take the risk to get a fine or maybe losing your car keys.

Booking "Bike in Hotel" service is too simple; you can contact us at our phone numbers, email us or ask at reception where you are staying. 

The timetable to be respected are the following:

Booking reservation from 9 a.m. until 12 a.m. :

collect bike until 03 p.m. of the same day (and for all the next hours of the day)

Booking reservation from 12 a.m. until 11 p.m. :

collect bike until 9:30 a.m. of the morning before (and for all the next hours of the day) 


Number                       District Area        External Areas
of Bikes                        of Lucca                  District of Lucca


From 2 to 5 bikes     5 € per each            7 € per each

From 6 to 10 bikes  4 €  per each           6 € per each

>10 bikes                      3 € per each            5 € per each


At the time of delivery, you can pay the bill to our operator by the favourite means of payment to you, in cash or using any kind of electronic paper. 



If you prefer to reach us by yourself, we are located in Lucca, less than 200 meters far from the Urban walls, in an easily accessible area by any kind of transport. You can park your car for free and unlimited time in the area around our office thanks to the many parking lots and, if unfortunately you won't find place, about 200 mt. away from Ruota a Ruota headquarter, you will have the opprtunity to use the large parking area of Viale Luporini, also free of charge and no strings attached. 

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