Where are we going to eat?

Italian food is a part of the culture of the peninsula. Italian cuisine is known throughout the world for pasta, pizza and traditional regional dishes, but the variety of its food is very wide and different. Thanks to the importance of regional cuisines, with many cities and even small towns, proud of their traditions and culinary specialties and the many influences of the different peoples that have taken place in the country, the number of Italian recipes can be defined almost limitless. We’re talking about rich, nutritious and healthy cuisine passed down for centuries through family life, especially peasant and, as such, close to the land and its products. Italian food is highly regarded worldwide for its variety.

In the culinary landscape of our country, the Tuscan cuisine differs from the others for some genuine recipes and unique taste for some food products; is full of unique and tasty pasta dishes, accompanied by vegetables and all ingredients that bring to the root of the local traditions and at the same time also of countless varieties of meat, fish and cheese. The Tuscan salami, for example, is perfect to be accompanied by the traditional unsalted bread and served along with fresh pecorino cheese or seasoned. For starters, pasta is the Queen of the table, hand-made and perfect to be accompanied by meat-sauce, maybe with mushrooms or venison, an example par excellence are the pappardelle with wild boar or hare.

In the colder seasons the soups are the favorites, unique dishes of Tuscan rural tradition full of stale bread, legumes and vegetables. The most famous are Ribollita, bean soup and tomato soup. For the second course, the undisputed Queen is meat. The best of Italy is the famous Florentine steak, which is obtained from the cut of the Chianina beef sirloin. Widespread are also white meat and pork, which are used both as pork ribs (sausage, ribs and steaks cooked on embers flavoured) and meats and sausages. The desserts are made with simple ingredients and dough are topped with nuts, chestnuts, honey and derivatives. A Typical recipe from Siena are sweets such as Ricciarelli, cookies, Panforte (sweet gingerbread) and Castagnaccio.

All Tuscan cakes go perfectly with the famous Vinsanto, a sweet wine produced with many difficulties with type grapes fermentation Trebbiano, Malvasia or Sangiovese. In Italy, especially in recent years, held very account of food quality and food provenance and territoriality. In fact, it is the constant search for organic products, called Bio and products with protected geographical indication (PGI). In our vacation packages, augmented by the offer of recreational activities, you will have the opportunity to come into contact with food and wine tours, where you can experience traditional Tuscan food, tasting wine and PGI products.  


Among these, Farro della Garfagnana, Lardo di Colonnata, after a fascinating trip to the marble quarries of Carrara. Each Tuscan recipe, besides being tasted, can be made with your own hands, during your journey in Lucca. If you like, in fact, you will have the opportunity to play a "cooking class" Chef ivory page directives, of the International Academy of Italian Cuisine, which will teach you how to cook the dishes of our tradition, little indiscretions secrets that you can implement in future dinners with friends. A real dining experience that will leave you speechless and allowing you to impress your dinner guests to return from vacation in Tuscany.

Restaurants are carefully selected for you, considering first of all the different menus and the quality of raw materials without neglecting other important factors such as the typical local and its location. Even the most refined palates are sure to be pleased by the flavors of the best cuisine in the world. As already wrote, the Italian culinary tradition is different in each city; precisely for this reason we decided to organize your holiday dinners both in Lucca, the city of our headquarters and in other nearby places such as Pisa, Florence and the coast of Versilia and the Cinque Terre. The variety of flavors We’ll taste are more than complete so that we can claim to have really known Tuscan cuisine in its completeness.

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