Our staff

Our staff

Hi, my name is Cristiano, founder and administrator of Ruota a Ruota Tour Operator. I practice sport from when I was a child but in the last 12 years I have been started to practice cyclisme and then triathlon. I love this amazing and wonderful sport, so I decided to turn it into a real job. I am a cycle vendor and my shop is specialized in every kind of bycicles. Everytime I ride a bike I think how I am lucky to have the opportunity to ride a bike in Lucca. For this reason I decided to open this Tour Operator, a dream called Ruota a Ruota. I want to give you the opportunity the same pleasure linking your journeys experience in Lucca with an unique bike experience. This will be the perfect mix between sport, relax, culture and exquisite food. I hope to be your guide during your holidays and we will ride for a lot of kilometers together! I promise that!




Hello, my name is Simona, I am 48 years old and I like very much sports. I started riding bikes when I was 25 years old and I have not ever stopped it. I know very well everything about Lucca, so I will very happy to let you know everything about this incredible city. In Ruota a Ruota I am the general project manager  and I personally choose hotels where you will spend your nights. I work in the creation of the leisure activities, too. I love music, travel and fashion. If you like I will be your shopper assistant during your shopping in the best Made in Italy boutiques. I hope to meet you as soon as possible!


Hi, my name is Alessio and I am 27 years old. I am graduated in Communication and Tourism sciences. I was a travel agent in the past, but now I work in Ruota a Ruota Tour Operator that I love very much. I ride for the success of your holidays in Lucca! My mission is to create travel itineraries and create experiences for you. I want to make you live unique and exclusives days to spend in Lucca. I have a lot of hobbies: I love writing poems, spend some time with my friends and organizing travels all around the world, because I think that travel is the best things to do in life! Active and dynamic, I always search for some new ideas to suggest and to develop for others and me. I will be pleasant to keep in touch with you as soon as possible! We will meet in Lucca!


Hello, my name is Shirmal and I come from Sri Lanka. I am 21 years old. I arrived in Italy when I was just twelve Years old. When I finished Junior high school, I decided to study as mechanical at High school. I love very much repair bycicles and moped. In Ruota a ruota I apply for make your bycicle perfect in order to make you use very brilliant and performant cycles during your tours. Everyday I will take care of your bikes, I mean I will clean up and check it. Every morning you will always find a brilliant bike at your service!


Hello everybody!My name is Sabeena and I come from Sri Lanka. When I arrived in Italy I was a little child and I met too many problems with italian language that I haven’t ever studied before. Maybe, try to learn this language helped me with relationship between italian people and I. For this reason I decided to study languages at school. I love travel very much, I already travelled to a lot of  European countries and my dream is become an air hostess. I work in Ruota a ruota as hospitality manager. I will attend for you when you will land at airport not just to say welcome to Tuscany but to bring you at your hotel. I will enjoy with you during your leisure activities and to satisfy every request you need. So, I am looking forward to see you soon!


Hello my cyclist friends! My name is Bruno and I apply for touristic guide in Ruota a Ruota. I am 58 years old and I was only 12 when I started riding bikes. When I was a child I did some competitions but also if  I decided to stop having competitions,  bike is my life reason. I am looking forward to see you soon to let me you present this beautiful land. I am going to get long stretches of plain, perhaps towards the sea and I will make a lot of bike physical exercise  next to you on the climbs steep anymore. We will go to see the breathtaking views, by adapting the speed for each of you. We will pedal travel paced for beginners but the strongest cyclists and tenacious, however, will make life difficult! We will have a lot of fun together, I give you my word!


My name is Alfredo and I will be your guide! Don't be fooled by my birthday, I was born in 1951 but i ride bike since I was a kid and I never stopped. I have traveled the world by bike, all the most beautiful and famous climbs of Europe have seen the sign of passage of my tires. I also participated in some amateur competitions oceanic countries, among them the gran fondo in Miami, to Dubai and New York. Speaking of the American continent, from the age of 16 years until the age of 21 I lived in California and exactly in S. Luis Obispo where I finished High School. Here I also frequented the Cuesta College, then definitely in Italy. They call me the "tom tom", because no one knows more tour than those I know. Remind to ask for me when you arrive in Lucca!


Hello guys. My name is Maria and I am 32 years old. I was a professional cyclist since 2003 until 2007.
I took part in Giro d' Italia for 2 times. After that, I decided to finish my study and so I graduated in Philosophy. I haven't ever left my
bike 's passion, doing a lot of competitions but just for hobby. I won the Gran Fondo of Mario Cipollini and a local challenge called Prato Abetone. My second interest is taking photos. So, straight the pose because at the end  of the  week,  in which I will be your guide, I will take you hundreds of photos about your Italian Holiday.  My Canon and I will wait for your arrival in Lucca!


Hello guys! I am Federico and differently from all the other guides of Ruota a Ruota, riding bike is not my first passion! Does it sound a little bit strange? Maybe you are also curious about what are my preferences in terms of hobbies? Well, firstly I am interested in classical music and the instrument I play is the cello. In 2007 I was in Vienna, with my orchestra we were representing the Tosca by Giacomo Puccini, a composer from Lucca, his birthplace.At the end of a major concert I was exhausted by the tension but outside the Theater I saw a group of cheerful and relaxed cyclists. At that time I lit a light; the next day I hired a bike and spent all afternoon to pedal, happy and carefree, including in those few hours which physical and mental freedom the bicycle can give you. As you may have guessed that Sunday was my second passion and now of course I try to reconcile them both. We expect many therefore and maybe some night, having made a great tour together, I will play my music for you!



Hi guys! My name is Riccardo and I work as a guide for this beautiful tour operator. I am 50 years old, although to be honest I can feel younger! When I was 32 I broke on the knee and for rehabilitating the doctor ordered me to pedal, since that Day, it started for me the love for cycling and for road bikes. I am obsessed with lightness, my Focus izalco Max bike is a feather!  For work I have lived several years abroad, first in Los Angeles, then in New York and finally to the Cayman Islands, after that I decided to go back to my hometown. Maybe some of you will be wondering why I decided to go inside? Well, surely because Italy, even with all its flaws, is certainly the most beautiful country in the world but the real reason is that I got tired of riding on the plain in the Caymans with zipp at 60 profile and a crosswind that blew on Earth! I will be your guide for the shortest tours, so don’t exitate to come!


As in a real group, a crazy man must be there and so I am that one of Ruota a Ruota my  cycling friends! My name is Nicola and I am a civil engineer; I was born in 1971 but beginning to play sports at a competitive level roughly seven years ago. Of course I had to immediately make up for lost time starting to enjoy various Follies, including more than 10 marathons, running a double participation in the 100 km del Passatore and several trails in the mountains, among which the most important was certainly the Lavaredo Ultra trail race walking competition, which winds for 120 kilometers on the trails in Dolomiti, ending in 20 hours and 33 minutes. To relax and rest from all these labours I go by bicycle, but on two wheels are quieter, I swear to you, so don't panic if, when you arrive in Lucca, you will find that the guide who will accompany you to discover our beautiful area will be really me! 

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