Ruota a Ruota headquarter

The headquarter of Ruota a Ruota is located in the heart of Lucca, only 300 meters from the walls, and then from the beginning of the historical centre. The Office is on the ground floor of a building of recent construction, very careful and very representative and the road in front of it, is very quiet and uncrowded by vehicles. Inside, in addition to the private area for managing paperwork, there is also a mechanical area, destined both to the regulation on the day when there will be bikes Biomechanics assigned both the daily check will be done on the same day at the end of each tour.

The added value of Ruota a Ruota is represented by private area outside the office totally enclosed by concrete barriers. This space is very functional for daily delivery of bikes and for the finishing touches required prior to departure of your tour. In doing so, you don’t risk to finish dressing, or to make a last adjustment on the bike in the middle of a road, which, although still uncrowded, it could represent a potential danger.

 For your transfer to the airport at the beginning and end of the holiday and for the daily commute, perhaps linked to a tour or recreational activities, we chose the best the car market had to offer. For your comfort the choice is relapse on Mercedes classe V 9 seats, van of absolute elegance and style. Ruota a Ruota wishes to offer you throughout your stay the best they could ever want, without compromising in any way small aspects and details which might be your comfort due to a shor trip.

As already said, we want your vacation to be a concentrate of pure excitement and relaxation. For this reason, we arranged to ensure that at the end of each tour, you don't have to even think about where and how to hold the bike that you have been assigned at the beginning of the week. Our Office has a large functional compartment used as a deposit. Every day then, after returning from your ride, you will be leaving over the bike to Shirmal, so that it is checked and cleaned ready for the following day. Promptly, our car will be driving you at your hotel for a well earned rest.

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